SHAZAM:  Dr. dub's demise

bank heist

Virtual Reality Escape Room

Dr. Dub has set an evil plot in motion with his destructive device!  However, you and your team can stop him if you can navigate the lasers, traps, clues, and puzzles he has set to keep EVERYONE out!!  Can you save the city before Dr. Dub has his way?

You and your criminal cohorts have learned of a large sum of money sitting in a local bank vault!  To settle some bad debts, you have decided to get your hands on the cash.  Your objective:  get in, get the money and get out......but be aware, if you set off the alarm, your only goal becomes to get out before law enforcement arrives and you get sent back to prison!

In this virtual reality (VR) world, things aren't always what they seem!  You and your friends can choose from 1 of our 10 virtual escape rooms to work together in to challenge your view............of reality!