What is an ESCAPE GAME?  Well, great question!!


An escape room, also known as an "escape game", is a physical adventure game in which players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand.  Players are given a set time limit to unveil the secret plot which is hidden within the rooms.

Outer Edge is a family-owned escape room located both in downtown Farmington and Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

How long is each game?

Our 'physical' escape rooms are 60 minutes long and our VR rooms are 50 minutes.

What is the cost per person?

Ticket prices very by location. That great news is that kids 8 years old and younger are FREE (applies to 'physical' rooms only)!!!

How many clues do I get?

Three. However, for a small additional fee you can add unlimited clues to your game.

When are walk-ins welcome?

Great question!! Walk-ins are welcome anytime during the following days / hours - Friday 6 pm - 10 pm Saturday 12 pm - 10 pm Sunday 1 pm - 6 pm With that said, we do reservations only Tuesday through Thursday, please call us at (573) 330-0576 and ask about availabilty. Please know that preference is given to reservations.

How many can be in a room?

We can only allow 10 per room, BUT, If you think there will be more, call us at (573) 330-0576 and when will get you all set up! However, for our VR rooms, the maximum allowable is 4 players.

Will we be in the room with strangers?

Great news, it will only be you and your group, no strangers!

Can I play the VR if I wear glasses?

Absolutely. The system is designed to fit comfortably over your existing glasses.



101 Hyler Drive

Farmington, Missouri  63640

(573) 330-0576


1231 Broadway

Cape Girardeau, Missouri  63701

(573) 275-5449

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